35-Session Fast Learning Program

The 35-session fast learning program is designed for none-heritage learners who want to have basic conversations in Chinese in a very short period. In this program, students not only learn to speak Chinese but also learn to read, write and use Chinese. It is expected that they will really "get" this language at the end of the program. More importantly, we teach students how to teach themselves using NOET method. Chinese philosophy, culture, and way of thinking are also essential elements of this program.

After 20 sessions, you will

  • Have 130+ characters and around 650 phrases

  • Understand and speak key phrases and short sentences related to routine topics.

  • Communicate in clear and slow to normal rate about personal relevance.

  • build connections with native speakers.

  • Develop a sense of logic behind the Chinese language.

  • and more...

After 35 sessions, you will

  • Have 235+ characters and around 1200 phrases

  • reach Fluency  in simple conversations

  • write simple texts related to familiar topics.

  • easy to understand the short texts

  • guess the meaning of some unknown  phrase.

  • Get deeper understanding of the language

  • and more...

Available Sessions

Group Class: G14

October 28, 2019/ M & TH/  6:30-8:00 pm

| Level A| 10 sessions, finished by Dec 02

| Level A+B| 25 sessions, resumed on Jan 06 & finished by Feb 27

| Level A+B+C|35 sessions, finished by Apr 02

Group Class: G15

February 03, 2020/ M & TH/  6:30-8:00 pm

| Level A| 10 sessions, finished by Mar 09

| Level A+B| 25 sessions, finished by May 04

| Level A+B+C|35 sessions, finished by Jun 11

Group Class: G16

March 03, 2020/ TUE & FRI  6:30-8:00 pm

| Level A| 10 sessions, finished by Apr 03

| Level A+B| 25 sessions, finished by May 29

| Level A+B+C|35 sessions, finished by Jul 23


Our online classes keep the same great quality as the face to face classroom classes to allow you to reach your learning goals. you will have a native teacher to help you...
1 Hour Online Mandarin Class
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