Learning Chinese

can be easy, fast, and fun

Our mission: Dispel the myth that Chinese is hard to learn


 NOET is an education and technology company based in Vancouver, who has developed the world’s fastest methodology of teaching and learning Mandarin Chinese. According to a public report published by the Foreign Service Institute of U.S., one needs 2200 hours on average to learn and achieve an intermediate level of Mandarin. However, through NOET’s innovative new learning method, the time can be shortened to 200 hours. After learning through NOET’s classes for 35 sections, students are expected to handle daily conversation as well as self-study. They will develop a full-round ability to listen, speak, read, and write Mandarin Chinese.


What makes NOET’s learning method highly efficient is that it removes the burdens brought by traditional Mandarin teaching method: Pinyin, strokes, and radicals. NOET teach students to learn Mandarin characters directly, to connect the sound with the shape ofthe characters, which dramatically simplifies students’ learning process. The NOET researchers have also deciphered the inner patterns of Chinese characters and accordingly created a series of textbooks utilizing the building block principle. Furthermore,students can use NOET’s online learning resources, such as stories behind the characters, sound dictionary, and daily dialogue, to help them learn faster. NOET method help students learn Chinese starting from directly mastering characters, which not only dismisses their fears for the language, but also builds a foundation for them to self-study after the course.


NOET’s major product is a Mandarin fast learning & teaching system, which includes textbooks, study guides, online resources and teacher’s manual. NOET’s primary customers are universities (second-language programs), Mandarin learning institutions, and large companies who are interested in training its employees speaking Mandarin. Also, individuals who interested in Mandarin learning and want to improve your language skills in an open, friendly, and fun environment.







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