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Patented Learning Method for Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Learning Has Never Been Faster

NOET, know it!

How NOET method makes Mandarin Learning 

                          Easier and Faster 

Traditional method

Rote Learning

The traditional way to learn Chinese is basically mechanical repetition, i.e., rote learning. You have to memorize everything by repeating whatever on the textbook, including Pinyin system.


Pinyin is the romanization system created to help pronounce Mandarin. Traditional method asks the student to learn Pinyin before they can learn anything real about Mandarin Chinese.


In traditional learning method, the instructor repeatedly corrects the use/pronunciation of students, leaving few leeway for the students to think about the language themselves.

NOET method

Logic & Pattern

NOET believes that every character is created following logic, and different characters may share similar patterns. As long as you understand the reasoning and know the patterns behind them, Chinese will be the most straightforward language to learn.


NOET finds Pinyin to be an unnecessary burden for the students. Instead, NOET researchers make characters into poem-like groups, the rhymes of which help students with pronunciation.


NOET encourage students to make connections/find patterns among the characters, phrases, and sentences by themselves. Students will learn faster while enjoying this kind of exploration.

NOET Fast Learning Program
Online Resources


Students are encouraged to use our online resources to review what they have learnt in live courses. These include small videos on daily conversations, class reviews, and the stories about the characters. Videos can be viewed online and offline.


Character Stories

Every Chinese character is like a picture, it has its logic, and it has a story behind. NOET believes that learning the stories about characters not only helps students to memorize but also helps to tell the beauty of Chinese Culture.


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